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The ivary test measures your AMH (the anti-Mullerian hormone), which is the foundation of your fertility. Safe, accessible and CE-approved test was developed with the approval of the best European reproductive endocrinologists, researchers and fertility clinics. 

Get a comprehensive overview of your fertility:

Your AMH value and what that means for your current and future ovarian reserve

Personalised recommendations and next steps based on your results

Access to the ivary community, our library of resources, and our team of in-house fertility experts

I can take the test if:

I am between the ages of 25 to 44

I am not on any hormonal contraception or I am taking the contraceptive pill / ring

I cannot take the test if:

I am currently using the contraceptive injection or implant

I started or stopped using mentioned contraceptive methods in the last 3 months

I had an ovarian operation in the last 3 months

I have been pregnant or breast feeding in the last 3 months

When can I do the test?

The ivary test can be taken on any day of your menstrual cycle. Levels do not fluctuate, making it a reliable measure of your ovarian reserve.

Testing your AMH is an important first step towards understanding your ovarian reserve and fertility. AMH cannot tell you what your chances of pregnancy are right now, but it can tell you about how your fertility will change over time: every woman’s fertility decreases as they age, but the timeline looks different for everyone.

An AMH test gives you information for making decisions about your family and your future. Moreover, testing your AMH early can help you avoid common fertility challenges later on.

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