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A patient-friendly, predictive approach to AMH interpretation

Personalised and predictive.

AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) is the most reliable currently available marker for measuring ovarian reserve. Its practical applications are growing as research advances, but the correct interpretation of AMH results still represents a challenge in clinical everyday practice. The ivary test now offers an individualised and science-backed approach to interpreting AMH and predicting future fertility.

The new fertility assessment.

Ovarian reserve decreases steadily as a woman ages, but this timeline looks different for everyone. However, with AMH, making predictions about a woman’s fertility timeline is possible.

But reproductive lifespan cannot be predicted by just measuring the hormone level in a laboratory: without correct interpretation, AMH is of little value in fertility assessment. AMH interpretation must take into account many factors that influence fertility, especially a woman’s age.

How does it work?

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Step 1

Partner with us to access our “ivary for doctors” software (paid as a license or per patient).

ivary for doctors

Step 2

Enter your patient’s lifestyle & medical info and AMH value (before/during/after a consultation).

ivary for doctors

Step 3

Immediately receive your patient’s personalised ivary results (see an example result here).

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Step 4

Share the results with your patient, and be there to assist them with their future reproductive needs.

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ivary also offers an at-home test kit for patients. Let us know if this option is of interest for your practice!

How does it work?

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Why collaborate with ivary?

Benefits for you

Save time in clinic during consultations

Get a patient-friendly report to send home

Increase patient loyalty and visits

Improve early diagnosis of fertility issues

Augment existing customer service and clinic services

Benefits for your patient

Accessible, patient-focused report

Visual, friendly and easy to understand

Concrete suggestions on future exams and other next steps

A personalised forecast of future fertility

Information for informed family planning decisions

Backed by science.

The ivary test considers many factors that influence ovarian reserve and provides a personalised fertility assessment and prognosis to every patient. Our fertility projections are based on an internal study and the latest research, and we are always working to improve them as the field advances.

By collaborating with ivary, you will be able to give each of your patients a detailed and personalised assessment of her current ovarian reserve and forecast of her future fertility. The ivary report will assist in your consultations and raise your patients’ awareness of fertility and family planning. Read more

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