How does it work?
Learn how to use the ivary test and start understanding your fertility better from the comfort of your home.

The ivary process

We like to keep things simple: convenience & privacy are key.
Here’s an overview of how it all works:


Order the ivary test online, and your test kit will arrive at your doorstep within a few days.


Answer a few questions about your health, lifestyle, and goals (for personalisation of your results).


Register your test kit, take a finger-prick blood sample, and post the return envelope to the lab.


Wait a few days while our specialised lab partner analyses your AMH result.


We will notify you when your individual ivary report is ready in your ivary dashboard.

You also gain unlimited access to the ivary community, resources, partners, and medical experts.

What's inside the box?

how to use the ivary test

1 collection tube

how to use the ivary test

1 protective packaging

how to use the ivary test

2 lancets

how to use the ivary test

2 alcohol prep pads

how to use the ivary test

2 plasters

how to use the ivary test

1 return form

how to use the ivary test

1 return envelope

Science for Humans

Having seen thousands of incomprehensible lab reports, we have fully reimagined how your results will be displayed and explained: we proudly present the ivary dashboard.

Our UX design allows you to follow and enjoy each step of the ivary journey, make conscious decisions about your individual goals, and at the end view your results in a clear and useful way. After all, you should not need a medical degree to understand your own body.

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